At what age can my child start lessons?2016-12-07T17:08:16+00:00

Our Adult and Child lessons start from six months old and are designed to initiate and give confidence to both the parent and child in a pool environment. Water confidence is built up with the use of toys and songs during the lessons.

Do I need to book lessons or can I just turn up?2017-02-01T12:11:16+00:00

You will need to book a place before you can join, use the Contact Us enquiry form or ring the mobile numbers provided and we can tell you what places we have available or any other information you require.

When do I pay for lessons?2016-12-08T18:29:10+00:00

Lessons must be paid for in advance to guarantee your place. Lessons are paid for by the half term. These fees are payable by the last week of the current half term. Details of term times are listed on the Course Dates page.

What do I need to bring to lessons?2016-12-07T17:07:32+00:00

Swim wear and a towel. If you would like your child to wear goggles please make sure that they can put them on ‘themselves’ correctly. Damage can be caused to eyes if goggles are not put on correctly. We have all other equipment that we may need.

Do Quackers Swim School have an Awards Scheme?2017-02-01T12:13:16+00:00

Quackers Swim School will award badges and certificates on achievement. We use the ASA awards and they are available for purchase on the last week of the course.

What if my child has been unwell?2016-12-07T17:07:03+00:00

Your child should only attend lessons if they are fit and well. If your child has been suffering from any sickness or diarrhoea then it is very important that they should not come to lessons until they are fully recovered.

Just a quick note to say thank you for everything you have done for Abigail with her swimming. Since she joined Quackers her progress has been amazing with her achievements over the past 3 ½ years exceeding our expectations. The friendly calm and dedicated approach of the team has seen Abigail’s confidence grow weekly with her looking forward to her sessions. Her technical advancement is incredible and it is a delight to watch her swimming. Thank you for all your support and we wish you all the very best in the future.


Dear all the Quackers team.

Thank you for all your hard work teaching out three children to swim. They have thoroughly enjoyed their time at Quackers.


Dear everyone at Quackers,

Thank you for teaching me to swim. I really enjoyed coming to Quackers

Love from Billy

Thank you for teaching me to be a good swimmer. I’ve loved every minute of it.

Love from Finn

The girls have all enjoyed Quackers lessons over the years. Great instructors such as yourself, Lisa, Ben and Connor have ensured that the girls have progressed an amazing rate whilst having fun and feeling safe. Please pass on our love and appreciation to the team and all the best for the future.